"If nature did not make it, do not take it"

Dr. Sebi

Start Making Simple Changes

It's no secret - everyone wants to eat 'smarter' these days and people do realize that food and nutrition is the foundation to a healthier and more balanced life. Sadly though, most of us will never really achieve our own personal targets of 'health', and so our state of 'happiness' or fulfillment may suffer as a consequence.

Modern life, society and economics among other factors have deeply influenced the way in which we prepare and eat food.

It's time to disconnect from all the noise, start with the simple things you can control that will have a high impact on your being - food, eating, nutrition all spring to mind. Here you will find a few alternative recipes and foods you might want to try, just start slow, mix them into your diet and see where it takes you.

Feel Fitter

Fitness should be a part of your everyday routine, but that doesn't have to mean going to the gym 5 times a week. Start eating healthier and you will be and feel more active, enjoy that walk or bike ride to the corner store.

Eat What Nature Intended

Cutting out 'junk' often goes hand-in-hand with weight loss and being healthy but junk can come in many different forms. Educate yourself to see and consume food in it's genetically untouched form as nature intended.

Be Happy

Making changes to one's diet doesn't have to be a huge trial or a crazy milestone. It's as simple as picking up a few ingredients and making something to eat. Enjoy trying something new and see how it makes you feel.